WORLD KIDS LAB FESTIVAL 2016 in Jordan Online Gallery

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An online gallery website for “WORLD KIDS LAB FESTIVAL 2016 in Jordan”, a festival project held in Jordan for the local children, in the concept of “Expand children’s possibilities, choices, and vision by connecting with the wider world.”
This website features works expressing feelings, favorites, expression, voice, music, dance and creativity of refugee children of Palestine, Iraq, Syria who participated in the festival. By sending these contents and messages to the world, we hope that this work becomes a "trigger" that people around the world can feel close to each other.

ヨルダンを舞台に、現地の子供達に「広い世界とつながって、可能性・選択肢・視野を広げても らう」お祭り “WORLD KIDS LAB FESTIVAL 2016 in Jordan”のオンラインギャラリーサイト。
 お祭りに参加したパレスチナ難民・イラク難民・シリア難民の子供達の “想い” や “大好きなもの” が表現された作品、彼らの表情、声、音楽、ダンス、クリエイティビティを世界に発信することで、世界中の人々がお互いを身近に感じられる “きっかけ” になることを願い制作。