To eradicate “Indifference” from the world.

Through the “fun” aspect of entertainment, our aim is to deliver and bridge across what is, in truth, an intrinsically familiar charm of each and every existence, to connect and deliver the charm and beauty of the world, as is.

Here at WORLD FESTIVAL Inc., with the mission “to eradicate 'Indifference' from the world”, with entertainment as the core, by discovering and proposing solutions for societal issues, broadcasting intrinsical charm and potential, and with the aim to expand and connect the potential and opportunities for the children of today who will structure the future, we act on these three axis’s. To facilitate this, we conduct various projects and services through collaborations with corporations and organizations both domestic and overseas.

If it's a country you have never been to, or if you have no interest in cultures or religions you do not know about, one may feel it is scary or that is does not matter to them.
This kind of thinking itself may be the root of many societal issues and international conflict.
Can we eliminate this form of thought somehow?

In this current state where inevitably complex issues arise, through entertainment, both visuals and musical, we want people to feel, “This is beautiful”, “This is a good atmosphere”, “This is soothing”, “This is fun”, “I really like this”. With the intent to create the trigger for these pure emotions and connect them, this simple idea is how WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. came to be.
In a positive light, we want to deliver and connect the world’s various countries and regions’ attractive features, potential, and precious qualities. However, we also will not shy away from the issues and state that they are in, or their backgrounds. And, of no matter how small of an existence, we want to create a society where the actually close and values are held and recognized.
By providing various opportunities through entertainment such as music and visuals, events, and using this power to overcome borders such as nationality and race, we want each and every individual, especially children and the young, to live life to the fullest. We act with the aim to create, with the help of children, a world where societal issues such as environment, poverty, conflict, discrimination, and disparity are eradicated.

A world where children can be “I'm glad I was born”.

If individuals everywhere could realize that now matter how far away, how little the situation, that through several events they are connected, and support each other, the world around them would become a much more closer and precious existence to them.

If the children of today could become closer to the world around them from a young age, if they could expand their views of the world, if they could represent a society where they accept and respect each other, the potential and hope of each and every individual would expand greatly. If the generation feels a deep connection with the world, with kindness and strong intentions, they would create a world where societal issues or wars do not occur.

We want each and every individual to live his or her one life with even more fulfillment and as oneself. Through the importance of connecting with the world around us, and supporting and accepting one another, we want people to live and feel that there are no people or beings in this world without meaning.
To the children of today, and those of the future, we want them to feel that they were “glad to be born”. To overcome the various boundaries and create a bridge, to connect person to person, we aim to utilize the strong unifying powers of entertainment and bring to light the various values of the world, and together the world. That is our driving force, and our substantial dream.

Company Name
Masumoto Building 3F, 5-12-16, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0051
Yuki Kondo (Founder & Chief Executive Officer)
July 2015
Business Outline
We mainly conduct operation of, project planning, producing content of the crossover of “Entertainment × Solving societal issues”