Exploring the world, encountering, and delivering our world's beauty, as is.
A collection of original stories and contents by WORLD FESTIVAL.

By being exposed to worlds and cultures not experienced before, curiosity and surprise expand. Even upon first arriving, sensing a familiarity or a feeling of resemblance with the place. Going anywhere, discovering and being fascinated by the joy and charms exclusive to that location. And be moved by the strength and kindness of the inhabitants who make a living there, and the beauty and magnificence of nature.

By a strange coincidence pulling the trigger, it may lead to a miraculous encounter or relationship. You may experience great joy above all else when discovering a breakthrough on your own. And, by discovering the similarities and intrisical connection between things that, at a glance, are completely different, there are no words that can describe the excitement, happiness, and hope that arise.

We want everyone to encounter and experience such occurrences more and more in the coming future. It is up to oneself to how to live their one and only life, how to perceive and accept the world around them. Of course, while enjoying what the world has to offer from the heart.

We will deliver our beloved world’s each and every charms and existences, in various forms.
Please join us in exploring our world’s beauty, as is.


Article - Behind the Project Story

“With You / Beyond” by FUKUROSHO North-district Fukuro Elementary School Class 1 & 2

Japan, Jordan, Nepal


Original Film

A Story of MUMBAI


Article - Behind the Project Story

“Music, It's Our Life” by Cebu Music Project with Yurina Maeda

Cebu, Philippines


Original Article

A Story of KENYA