WORLD FESTIVAL LABELConnect the possibilities around the world, through entertainment.

Connect the possibilities around the world, through entertainment.

We, as our mission, “to eradicate “Indifference” from the world”, have conducted various projects in many countries and regions until now.

In some, due to the issue in question being far too complicated, there were times where we could not figure out where to begin, or environments or situations where we were at loss. However, at the same time, regardless of the location, there was an attraction and joy exclusive to that place. We experienced many times the potential, beauty as is, and precious qualities specific to those places. The accomplishments and memories of people we met, nature, and locations until now, are above all else, precious treasures to us.

That shining beacon of light that they held, is what we want to deliver to the world. We want to spread, alongside with them, the potential and hope they hold.
We believe that many people can mutually find their reason and hope to live, and respect and support one another to create a bridge to connect.

Moreover, whether the location is a developing nation or a developed nation, regardless of circumstances, we believe that the experiences and encounters of all children and youth who will shape the future, will indeed lead to the form of the next generation of society. We believe that they will have the chance and successful experiences to discover their unique expressions and precious qualities. By connecting with the world and various environments this shall happen, and sever the negative chain of today’s social issues. In the hopes that this will lead to the raising of each other’s potential around the world, is what we believe this will connect to.

In the hopes that such respect and acceptance will lead to an equal connection around the world,

Connecting the charms and potential of the world, creating together new values, with cooperative creation and sales set on a global stage.
With music, visuals, photography, audio, books and products as the core, aiming to “create a world where the words “It doesn’t matter to me.” no longer exist.” the multi-genre label: