”Music, It's Our Life”

Cebu Music Project with Yurina Maeda

Sending our thoughts from Cebu Islands to worldwide.
Cebu, Philippines × Japan
”Music, It’s Our Life” by Cebu Music Project with Yurina Maeda

A project where the children of Cebu island, Philippines, and Japanese artist Maeda Yurina, WORLD FESTIVAL, together created the lyrics to and composed.
The first project to be released from the WORLD FESTIVAL LABEL.

– LABEL – Vol.1 –

“Music, It’s Our Life”Music Video

“We love Music”

In 2016, we were introduced to an NPO managed by a Japanese individual whose activity resides in the Cebu Islands of The Philippines.Hosting free-of-cost music lessons to local children of various backgrounds, is NPO Seven Spirit. They have the vision to expose each child’s potential through musical activity.
We received a request to create a promotional video for them. However, as costs would be incurred, it was difficult to take on as a simple production.
Therefore, we discussed the possibility of a project that we had been nurturing. This was the start of the WORLD FESTIVAL LABEL.

Every day, many children visit and gather at Seven Spirit. Their age, upbringing, and domestic environment are all different. There are children living in poverty, those living on the streets, and even those who can manage and afford to go to school. However, from the poetics that they all wrote, we felt it contained similar, if not the same message.

We love Music.
With the power of music, our lives shined brighter and became filled with joy. Meeting friends, companions, and others with the same dreams and hopes…

The lyrics and melody which directly reflected on the words and ideas the children envisioned, was filled with the dreams to spread one’s wings to the world, their love of music, and their gratitude to one another. WORLD FESTIVAL LABEL’s first project was a song filled with the pure message and emotions of those children.

”Music, It’s Our Life”
Cebu Music Project with Yurina Maeda

From the Cebu Islands to the world.

Containing 1 song plus a bonus track (band version). Digitally released
Cebu Music Project / Yurina Maeda / WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.

*Through the NPO Corporation Seven Spirit, a partial amount of the funds raised will be allocated as music activities for the artists (the children).

Price:300 JPY(tax included)


”Music, It’s Our Life”

I’ve had so boring days
I don’t know what to do
my life was just so plain
which way should I go

since I met the music
all things has been changed
music makes me happy and became part of me

I love music it’s my life
and now I’m full of precious days
sharing smiles with my sounds
together singing to the world

I felt alone and scared of people
I was in able to trust other things
no experience and confidence
so could not believe myself

since I met the music
my world has been changed
I have found myself and met my true friends
I love music it’s my life
and now I’m full of precious friends
music gives me power of smile
together singing with one voice

I would make you happy with my voice
I’d travel around the world with your heart
I hope to reach my dreams by my own feet
I hope my loved ones be proud of me

we love music it’s our life
you can be whoever you want
let’s fly into another place
together singing to the world

La La La…
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Release Date
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Containing 1 song plus a bonus track (band version). Digitally released
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Producer: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL)
Director: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL)

Special Thanks: 
– NPO Seven Spirit
– Nobutaka Nakahara


Producer & Director: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL)
Songwritten (Lyrics & Music) by: Cebu Music Project / Yurina Maeda / Nobutaka Nakahara / Yuki Kondo, Shunsuke Noguchi(WORLD FESTIVAL)
Music Arranged by: THE CHARM PARK / Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL)
Sound Mixed by: THE CHARM PARK
Recording(Cebu): Shunsuke Noguchi, Yuki Kondo(WORLD FESTIVAL)
Recording(Tokyo): THE CHARM PARK / Yuki Kondo(WORLD FESTIVAL)
Jacket Design: Satoshi Kondo

Music Video

Producer & Director: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL)
Performed by: Cebu Music Project / Yurina Maeda / NPO Seven Spirit / WORLD FESTIVAL
Camera by: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL)
Edited by: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL)

Cebu Music Project Member

Agres, Felix Agres
Albarracin, Hillary Althea
Albarracin, Debbie Kimberly
Albarracin, Daphnei Kyle
Albarracin, Princess
Albarracin, Denise
Abellanosa, Sheila
Anasco, Cheska
Arnazon, Jirah Perl
Ates, Rhyan
Ates, Renz
Aton, William Jr.
Bagano, Khristine Joy
Baya, Missy
Baroman, Jetro
Buendia, Kirsten Nicole
Buendia, Anthony Hermme
Cabigon, Jovani
Cadungog, Richard
Cejes, Alrose Mae
Cejes, Althea Rose
Comedor, Rhea
Cueva, Jerecho Ashley
Del Castillo, Juphet
Dela Victoria, Jesnyl
Donaire, Angel Jhed
Doaniare, Axl
Espinosa, Gianelle
Fortuna, Ayn Ran
Princess Denise
James Aaron
Lowie Jeff
Garin, Natasha Nina
Lipio, Ricalyn
Masong, Justleeen Eve
Marande, Hannah Kaye
Marande, Nevin Jeff
Marande, Nevin Josh
Mollena, Maeko Emmanuel
Mollena, Mitch Narisse
Mori, Mary Ann
Nocos, Ryan Jay
Orais, Grace Encarnacion
Pardillo, Rowenjun
Pecolados. Gabrielle Carlos
Perez, Ella Meave
Porquiado, Daly
Rivera, Jasmaine
Rivera, Janelle Loise Jade
Romares, Raymalyn
Tabora, Angilyn
Tabora, Renato Jr.
Teves, Maxwell Andrew
Tocmo, Chazz Brielle
Yap, Lana Chyme
Yap, Li Yan Erika Jaen
Yap, Linux Jian Liu
Nocos, Joshua
Urdaneta, Trexie Roanne
Princess Alexa
Junfrey Pia Bactong
Carmela Gabbie Polancos
Maria Melinda Destajos
Aliyah Jillian P. Donaire


Cebu Music Project with Yurina Maeda Cebu, Philippines / Tokyo & Hokkaido, Japan

Based out of The Philippines, actively involved in cultivating the life skills of children through music and physical education, is NPO Corporation Seven Spirit. With the cooperation of this organization and the approximately 60 children of various circumstances (street children, slums, middle-class, etc. and around 3 to 18 years old) who attend, we together conducted a production of the song with the theme, “A message aimed towards the world.” and planned to distribute and sell it to the world. This is how we banded together.

For the children, who regularly only learned how to play instruments during the class, writing the lyrics and composing was a newfound experience. With their thoughts and talents, potential laying as the foundations, there was created a sign of their existence and life. In creating together in what would be sold to people overcoming barriers such as national and cultural borders, the experience was truly special, and sparked much confidence for the future in the children.

From on after this experience, even if the people who were involved in this project leave to pursue other lives, as long as this song exists, they will always know that they existed in this world, and “created together” beyond various barriers a piece that will always be in their hearts.

Displaying their charming smiles and their almost-fiery potential, and with the natural attraction and beauty of The Philippines, engulfed in happiness. This is the song production with connection to the world.

Cebu, The Philippines
Founding of the country 1565 Major Cities Manila(1.78 million people) / Davao(1.63 million people)
Official Name Republic of the Philippines(Known as the Philippines) Major Languages English, Filipino, Tagalog, others
Area 299,000㎢(0.8 times that of Japan) People Malay, etc.
Population 100.9 million people(Philippine Census) Religion Christianity etc.
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