We have held the “WORLD KIDS LAB FESTIVAL 2016 in Jordan” in Amman, Jordan.


We have hosted the festival project “WORLD KIDS LAB FESTIVAL 2016 in Jordan” in Jordan, Makani Centre, aimed at the 300 children of Palestinian, Iraq, and Syrian refugees, with the intent to “Connect with the vast world around them, and expand their potential, choices, and viewpoints.”


Through connecting with the various content of the globe, people with different cultures and values, we aimed to expand the values children themselves hold, and realize their potential and the necessity to connect with the world around them. For this, we collaborated with local NGOs, colleges, learning institutions, JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency Jordan), and companies to achieve this.


This time at the festival, local students and children who attend Makani Centre actively assisted us in preparation. In Jordan, there are still many children with complicated backgrounds. In the current state, there are a lack of opportunities they can take advantage of. However, by allowing children to take part in connecting with different sets of values and understand the importance of connecting with the world around them, this could be the key to solve the various problems the world now faces. We hope that with the many “Connections” arising from this festival, this will help the children open up life choices and potentials previously unthinkable.


Details of the event and audio and visuals can be viewed on our company’s project page!