In the event “Imagine the Future” Cafe hosted by volunteer students, WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. has participated as a business guest.


Japan Students and Businesspersons Network, founded in July 2012, is an organization aimed at invigorating Japan. Students and working individuals can connect, meet, and learn regardless of circumstances, generation, and backgrounds. It is aimed at “growing those who stand out from the crowd”. (Reference:http://www.jsbn.info/)


On this occasion, with the students from Kaetsu Ariake middle school and high school collaborating with JSBN, the event 【“Imagine the Future” Café [Kaetsu×JSBN]】, WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. was invited to participate as a business guest. During the event, each individual was free to talk about their dreams and what they want to be, their anxieties and troubles, and we shared our life stories with the students. At the end of the event, each individual, in order to become the person they wanted, set out specific goals and plans to follow those ambitions. This event was precious time spent for us also, rejuvenating our own ambitions and goals and to strive to achieve them. We will continue to encourage the students of Kaetsu middle school and high school!


The project details can be viewed in the page below!


Imagine Future Café hosted by volunteer students [Kaetsu×JSBN]: http://www.ariake.kaetsu.ac.jp/contents/blog_kocho/13948/