Radio show “Yurina Maeda’s Genki de Naito! (Let’s get energetic!)” has featured WORLD FESTIVAL LABEL’s project.


On the radio show where Yurina Maeda, artist of “WORLD FESTIVAL LABEL” First edition: Cebu Music Project with Yurina Maeda, appears as a series regular, “Yurina Maeda’s Genki de Naito!” (FM Shiroishi), the Cebu Music Project has been featured.


Along the melody of “Music, It’s Our Life”, she told the story of how the project came into being, how music creating was done in Cebu, and of the concert back in Japan.


“Yurina Maeda’s Genki de Naito!” is an hour-long show on Wednesday from 22:00.
It is a enjoyable show pumping your energy up on Wednesday night, so for those interested, please feel free to check it out! (Internet broadcast is also available)


FM Shiroishi with-S: http://www.830.fm/

Yurina Maeda: https://maedayurina.jimdo.com/