A new project, PARCO×CAMP FIRE×Toei Animation×WorldVisionJapan×WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. has commenced!


We have commenced, in conjunction with PARCO which have tag-teamed with us on several projects, a new project “Entertainment × Solving societal issues”!


With a tag-team consisting of “booster”, a crowdfunding service managed by PARCO and CAMP FIRE, along with WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. with the mission “Through the power of entertainment, to eradicate “Indifference” from the world”, we set out on a project to draft a new way to draw attention, especially from the younger generation, to the activities of NGOs and NPOs by mixing entertainment. We also set out to achieve a new form of fundraising. On this occasion, with international NGO WorldVisionJapan as the project owner, Toei Animation’s “PreCure (Pretty Cure)” will serve as the official supporter and will be involved in planning, promotion, and returns.

As one challenge WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. faces with the suggestion of “Entertainment × Solving societal issues”, we want to create an opportunity for more individuals to feel more related to international cooperation, solving societal issues, realizing the world’s many attractions and realities. There is a need to create a “bridge” for those, especially the young and/or uninterested individuals, to consider how we can deliver the message, get them to participate, and pull the trigger. From those thoughts emerged this project’s content, with our regular activities aimed at the children of the world as a core, to create the project “Occupation Library Construction Project”. This, as well as being real-life support, includes what kind of experiences we can provide to children.

With this project, we wish to take the first step in attracting a larger audience, and aim for individuals to feel closer to the attractions and respectability around the world, and understand the importance of connecting. The project page can be viewed here!
Please feel free to check it out!