WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. held a collaboration class with Nitobe Cultural Academy.



WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. has held a collaboration class with Nitobe Cultural Academy.


At the beginning, we spoke in detail about WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.’s activities and how our staff feels and thinks during facing work every day. After that, over several times we asked the children from each class to create a video from their visions, and finally connecting it into one work of art.

Through the class, our hope is to get children to start understanding the importance of eradicating “Unrelated”, feel closer to and the importance of connecting to the world. Also, we hope that their views expand and realize one’s self and the attraction and respectability of everything around them, their potential, that their life and actions all have a meaning to the world around them, and is a precious thing.

The work created on this occasion is scheduled to be exhibited at the next Spring’s WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. Nepal Festival project booth. We promise to deliver to the actual thoughts and dreams of these children, to those local children and youth who do not know Japan and Japanese people.