The first half of the collaboration class between North District Fukuro Elementary School and WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. has ended!


WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. held a class during the comprehensive learning time for 6th graders at the North District Fukuro Elementary School.
The first term (through June to September) focused on the theme “My Hometown”, with the children creating videos of the visual attraction of the city or town they lived in. In this they discovered aspects which they had never considered before, and these videos were presented by each group.

All the steps, from arranging a discussion to plan the theme, to shooting the videos and editing, were conducted by the children at the center.
Watching the children enjoying making and creating the videos left a lasting impression.

The second term (through October to February) will focus on what is also our company’s mission, the theme “How to eradicate “Indifference” from the world”.

Through the creation of visuals and music, the children will interact with other children outside Japan, and learn about connecting with the world, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and societal issues.