Moving ahead with solving issues. We held an exhibition at HAPIC – HAPPINESS IDEA CONFERENCE!

We, as a cooperating company, hosted a booth and shot photos at HAPIC hosted by legally recognized NPO, Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC).
HAPIC is a conference started this year, aimed at gathering, learning, and promoting collaboration between individuals actively involved in creating a borderless nature for societal issues and solving of global issues. This is correlated to the changing environment of NGO and international cooperation.

Over 300 people attended, and through networking and break sessions connections were born between participants.

Our company, also through hosting a booth and networking receptions, built new encounters, unexpected reunions, and learned the value of gathering like-minded individuals together and nurturing ideas for future activities.

From now on at each HAPIC event, as to create a space where new ideas and challenges are brought about by like-minded, bright individuals, we will continue to take part.