On the global site of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd., the CSR Program story visuals of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. × International NGO World Vision Japan, India and Nepal, of which our company was in charge of, has been released.



Since 2016, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd., in hand with International Cooperation NGO World Vision Japan, has been conducting nurture of local health workers, the CSR Program “Support of mother and child through strengthening of abilities of community health workers” in the 4 countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, and Nepal.


Our company has overseen projecting the core thoughts and world view of the company, both within the world’s Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. in-house team, and the outside stakeholders through creative means. At the program-attended Nepal and India, with a documentary as the base we created the visuals for the program story, and it has been released on Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.’s global website.


As with essential components as the program reports and introduction, the visuals do not only reflect upon the local lives, activity, daily routines, and the current issues, but also upon the core of this program; the attraction, potential, beauty as-is, might, and each and every form of happiness. It focuses, and reflects on those aspects.


Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. Global Website: https://www.takeda.com/jp/corporate-responsibility/global-csr-program/world-vision-2016/

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. Global Website (English): https://www.takeda.com/corporate-responsibility/global-csr-program/world-vision-2016/

International Cooperation NGO World Vision Japan: https://www.worldvision.jp/donate/corporate_2.html


Visuals can also be viewed on our Project Page.


World Vision Japan × Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. – Nepal ver.: http://worldfestivalinc.com/projects/070/
World Vision Japan × Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. – India ver.: http://worldfestivalinc.com/projects/071/