【For all who protect their children and loved ones】We have released a support video.



With the effect of COVID-19, even though around the country daycares and nurseries have been short-staffed and fears of the virus spreading have taken hold, each day the staff are in the field, attending to the children.

On this occasion, after a voicing from after school NPO “After School”, with the cooperation from after school NPO “After School” and recognized NPO corporation Florence, the current situation out on the field, workers, parents voiced out, and we created a support video.
(Partially, lockdown situations are included.)

For all those who protect their children and loved ones, we show our appreciation.
By supporting one another, let’s get through this difficult situation.

Below, we have released the video on the “For all who protect their children and loved ones” channel. Please, take a look.

For all who protect their children and loved ones: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzQAywM4noglDM3kDGh1srQ/featured
After school NPO “After School”: https://npoafterschool.org/
Recognized NPO corporation Florence: https://florence.or.jp/