“FRJ2020 Online” was conducted for all.


“FRJ2020 Online”, Asia’s largest fundraising conference, hosted by the Japan Fundraising Association, was conducted.
Marking its 11th year, this year the hosting period was extended across to 8 days, and for the first time it was conducted online.
With the theme “An overview of the fundraising needed, now”, 81 sessions were broadcasted on-demand.

Our company was in charge of various aspects of the conference, ranging from planning of the overall concept, story behind the conference, performances, producing, creation of the on-demand visuals, organizing of the live-session broadcast’s direction.

Online, we welcomed over 1,500 participants, and it was 8 days of discovering findings and various educating on the future of fundraising, beyond the scope of each individual and/or organization.

FRJ2020: https://jfra.jp/frj/index.html
Japan Fundraising Association: https://jfra.jp/