Aimed at the poverty-stricken and dropouts of the children and youth of The Philippines, to allow them to discover the choices and potentials they hold in life, we, by collaboration of WORLD FESTIVAL and PALETTE, we held the “Career Fiesta for Youth 2015” in the city of Bulacan.
With the main aim to connect the children with the wide world around them and feel, we provided various attractions such as many job experiencing sessions, worldwide contents that sparked curiosity, and career speech contests. From planning, WORLD FESTIVAL oversaw directing, layout of the venue, promotion, funding, and producing of the event.
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In charge of: Sponsor | Planning | Produce | Direction | Space | Organize | Film | Music | Design
Genre: FESTIVAL | NPO・NGO | Local | Developing Country | Children | Education | Family | Event | Tech | Animation | Music | Cultural Exchange
Bulacan, The Philippines
Founding of the country 1565 Major Cities Manila(1.78 million people) / Davao(1.63 million people)
Official Name Republic of the Philippines(Known as the Philippines) Major Languages English, Filipino, Tagalog, others
Area 299,000㎢(0.8 times that of Japan) People Malay, etc.
Population 100.9 million people(Philippine Census) Religion Christianity etc.
Capital Manila(1.78 million people) Currency 1 Philippine peso(PHP)= 2.19 JPY / 1 dollar = 48.45 Philippine peso
Political system Republic Industrial distribution Service industry 60%, Mining industry 30%, Agriculture, forestry and fisheries 10%
Project Information
Sponsored by: WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.

NPO PALETTE = An NPO that organizes career support in The Philippines
Date: Sunday, September 20, 2015
Place: Within the grounds of “GK Enchanted Farm” (Angat, Bulacan Province, The Philippines)
*Inside / outside the building
Participant: 500 people
Tent: 8 (Outside the venue)
Chair: 500
Table: 50
Signboard/Panel: All handmade
Pick-up: 11 reserved cars
Participants Area: 21 places (Regions which are poverty-stricken, and regions where there are many dropouts.)
*Sign up in advance (pre-information sessions)
*We went to pick up participants by bus in the early morning.
What: “Entertainment × Career Support”
A festival where the Filipino youth and children living in poverty could freely enjoy job experiencing, international interaction, the world’s interesting content, creating things, etc. and discover how they want to live and their potential.
Who: The Philippines’ dropout group (those who can’t or won’t attend school for various reasons) of youth/children.
Aim: By connecting with the vast world, we want the children’s choices and potential to expand. With the thoughts wishing for children for the opportunity to, regardless of circumstances, recognize a spark, realize, and start a life where they can shine individually, this project was planned, and conducted.
Contents: 1. A total of 6 organizations and corporations preparing a job experience booth.
2. A creation booth managed by Japanese staff (Electronics manufacturing × Accessories / Programming × Music)
3. PALETTE Online English conversation teacher experience / Role model nurturing program experience booth
4. Festival stands managed by the local community
5. A music stage where anyone can participate and/or create a session
6. A music workshop using the traditional bamboo instruments of The Philippines
7. A live paint where one can freely draw their own thoughts
8. Talk session (GK representative / Bulacan vice-governor / Uniquease Restaurant Makati / Palette instructor (graduate of role model program))
9. Final stage of the career speech contest (for children who cannot go to school yet have hopes and dreams who have won the preliminary rounds, the winner receives a scholarship)
10. Stamp collecting event (collect the points distributed at each booth, and be presented with Cheki shoots and photos / Japanese sweets)
11. Free lunch event, homemade by the Japanese staff (stir-fried noodles and cabbage fry)
…and more
Film Producer: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Film Director
+ Cam + Edit:
Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Lastly: Almost all of the event management staff were current college students or those in their first year of work. Each individual came up with, planned, and took responsibility of the content creation, promoting, and gathering the crowds. Including them, we want the experience to not be a fleeting moment for the children and everyone involved, but to be an opportunity to greatly influence their future careers and dreams, as well as their life choices and outlook. And, for the children and youth who will shape the future, we want to create an opportunity for them to support one another and build a relationship across borders and cultures.