another life. “Gift”Japan

Gifts sent with dedicated thoughts.

Promotion film for a gift book service by Another life, that make an important person’s life story into a book.
The film is focused on the attitude of Another life team who puts the feeling of gratitude of parent and child, and the bonds that they have built. The song “GIFT” used as BGM, was produced together with artist “citta”. This song expresses the warmth of such parent-child ties, nostalgic, warm and gentle.

In charge of: Planning | Film
Genre: Branding | Service | Family | Publish
Tokyo, Japan
Place in the Kanto region of Japan
Area 2,194㎢
Population 9.27 million people
Yamanashi, Japan
Place in the Chubu region of Japan
Area 4,465㎢
Population 817,000 people
Project Information
Title: another life. “Gift”
Client: another life.
Life experiencing media by Dot Life, Ltd., which delivers values of life stories ​​of various people.

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Yamanashi, Japan
Period: 2016.05
Producer: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Director + Cam
+ Edit:
Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)