Save the Children JAPANMongolia

Your thoughts will open up the future of children.

The promotional video for Save the Children Japan to convey their vision “A world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.”
The video is focused on the present and the future of a young man, who grew up in the slam and fulfill his dream of becoming a photographer in Mongolia. Shooting and editing the real situation on documentary basis, hopes and possibilities of children are connected to the next generation.

In charge of: Planning | Film
Genre: Branding | NPO・NGO | Recruit | Local | Developing Country | Tourism | Children | Education | Family | Nature | Traditional crafts
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Founding of the country 1206 Major Cities Erdenet(98,000 people) / Darkhan(84,000 people)
Official Name Mongolia Major Languages Mongolian(Official language) and other Kazakh
Area 1.56 million ㎢(4 times that of Japan) People Mongolian, Kazakh etc.
Population 3.29 million people(Mongolian National Bureau of Statistics) Religion Tibetan Buddhism etc.
Capital Ulaanbaatar(1.53 million people) Currency 1 Tugrik(MNT)= 0.037 JPY / 1 dollar = 2,873 Tugrik
Political system Republic Industrial distribution Mining, Livestock farming, Distribution industry
Project Information
Title: Save the Children JAPAN
Client: Save the Children JAPAN
Save the Children is an international non-governmental organization that specializes in child support. The organization was founded in the UK in 1919, with aim to realizing every child’s right to survival, development, protection and participation. Since then, 30 independent national members have partnered together and developed child-centered activities in about 120 different countries. Save the Children Japan (SCJ) was established in 1986.

Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Period: 2017.06
Producer: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Director + Cam
+ Edit:
Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)