Shibuya Zunchaka 2017
in Ebisu Garden PlaceJapan

With dancing school “D-note”, WORLD FESTIVAL produced an overall satellite venue for “A music festival where everyone can freely participate [Shibuya Zunchaka]” in Ebisu Garden Place Main Stage.
The Ebisu Garden Place venue’s concept was, “Connect with the world through music”.
With the cooperation of Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd, Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd, we were able to provide electones, wind instruments and other musical experiences, host a dance workshop, host stage performances, create art, host a session booth, and display a gallery. With all the content, both children and adults were able to enjoy “Zunchaka”!
Music travels across borders such as generations, cultures, nationality and connects various kinds of people. At the Shibuya Zunchaka, individuals meeting for the first time had the experience of playing instruments with others, singing together, and dancing, leaving a lasting impression. Also, the music compiled by many had personality and attraction exclusive to them, with a different attraction between each individual playing, giving a feeling of entertainment’s potential and power!

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Genre: Local | Children | Education | Family | Event | Tech | Music
Tokyo, Japan
Place in the Kanto region of Japan
Area 2,194㎢
Population 9.27 million people
Project Information
Title: Shibuya Zunchaka2017
Produced: Shibuya Zunchaka Executive Committee
Sponsored: Shibuya City
Shibuya City Tourism Association
Planning: Team・Zunchaka!
Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd. Town Planning with Music in Mind
Date: Sunday, September 3, 2017
Place: Hachiko Square, Shibuya Center Street, SHIBUYA CAST., Mitake Park, Former Shibuya River Promenade Road (Cat Street), Jingumae Intersection, Ebisu Garden Place etc.
Satellite Venue「Ebisu Garden Place」
Cooperation: Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd. Town Planning with Music in Mind
Sapporo Breweries Limited
Date: Sunday, September 3, 2017
Place: Ebisu Garden Place
What: Producing the satellite venue in Ebisu Garden Place for “Shibuya Zunchaka”, “A music festival where everyone is welcomed to join in”.
Who: Families and children who visited Ebisu Garden Place.
Aim: With the concept “Connect with the world through music”, we provided various content such as electones, wind instrument experiencing, a dance workshop, on-stage performance, creating art pieces, session booths, and a gallery display. We created an opportunity for children and adults alike to enjoy and feel the world around them.
Contents: 1. Music stage (music session/dance session)
2. Instrument experiencing workshop
3. Dance workshop
 Real-time live painting (Freely express your thoughts through drawing)
4. Creative Lab (Creative experiencing booth, with origami, fans, etc.)
5. WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. Gallery (A display of the photos from around the world that WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. has taken)
and more