Weblio × Mirai JuniorThe Philippines / Japan

Providing choices and happiness to each and every one’s life.

Official video of online English conversation service for a child with developmental disabilities, operated by Weblio, Inc., aims to expand possibilities of people’s lives and future, through Internet.
The video focuses on the daily life and dreams of a child with developmental disabilities and his family, and shows how did Weblio service and Mirai Junior change the child’s life and widen the perspectives, that leads to opening up and expand the child’s choices, possibilities and future.

In charge of: Planning | Film
Genre: Branding | Local | Developing Country | Children | Education | Cultural Exchange
Manila, The Philippines
Founding of the country 1565 Major Cities Manila(1.78 million people) / Davao(1.63 million people)
Official Name Republic of the Philippines(Known as the Philippines) Major Languages English, Filipino, Tagalog, others
Area 299,000㎢(0.8 times that of Japan) People Malay, etc.
Population 100.9 million people(Philippine Census) Religion Christianity etc.
Capital Manila(1.78 million people) Currency 1 Philippine peso(PHP)= 2.19 JPY / 1 dollar = 48.45 Philippine peso
Political system Republic Industrial distribution Service industry 60%, Mining industry 30%, Agriculture, forestry and fisheries 10%
Osaka, Japan
Place in the Kinki region of Japan
Area 1,899㎢
Population 8.82 million people
Project Information
Title: Weblio × Mirai Junior
Client: Weblio, Inc.
Weblio develops businesses such as the online expansion dictionary “Weblio”, translation business, online English lesson business, overseas deployment support, with the aim of “Broaden choices through Internet”.
Mirai Junior
Mirai Junior is the after school day service that supports children with developmental disabilities through the online English conversation so that they can become self-reliant as sound members of society in the future.
Location: Osaka, Japan
Manila, The Philippines
Period: 2017.12
Producer: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Director + Edit: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Cam: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Kazuya Tanaka (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)