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No matter where you are born, or who you are, the chance to shine lies within you.

Watoto furaha × mamas project is an activity to provide sanitary cloth napkins so that girls can go to school at the time of menstruation.
Girls in Kenya, who cannot afford sanitary paper napkins of around 100 yen in local currency, are absent from school four days to a week every month when menstruation comes.
In this project, project members conducted workshops to expand the way to make cloth napkins in Kisumu, Kenya, in cooperation with the local NPOs. WORLD FESTIVAL was in charge of part of the planning and operation of the project, and production of the official video.
We have been providing a mechanism to create a society which everyone, no matter where they are born and who they are, can have future vision and make an effort for it.
Also in Kenya, artist Shiho and local girls produced a song “Rise and Shine” with the theme of “Our Future”. This song will be released on WORLD FESTIVAL LABEL.

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2019 ver.

Kisumu, Kenya
Founding of the country 1963 Major Cities Nairobi(4.39 million people) / Mombasa(660,000 people)
Official Name Republic of Kenya(Known as Kenya) Major Languages Swahili and other English
Area 583,000 ㎢(1.5 times that of Japan) People Kyur, Luhya, etc.
Population 49.7 million people(United Nations) Religion Christianity etc.
Capital Nairobi(4.39 million people) Currency 1 Kenyan shilling(Ksh)= 0.98 JPY / 1 dollaer = 108.47 Kenyan shilling
Political system Republic Industrial distribution Agriculture, Industrial, Mining
Project Information
Title: watoto furaha × mamas project
Client: watoto furaha × mamas project
Watoto furaha × mamas project is an activity aiming to make a mechanism that girls can go to school even if menstruation comes, and increase the number of girls who can widen the choice of their future.
Location: Kisumu, Kenya
Period: 2017.12 / 2019.09
Producer: Yurika Nakazawa (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Director + Cam
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Yurika Nakazawa (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)