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Uniting the world for a better tomorrow

Actively involved in solving the world’s various societal issues, these are the branding visuals of international development consultants “IC Net Ltd.”
IC Net, in addition to the 25 years cultivated in providing ODA (Official Development Assistance) in over 150 countries, conducts assistance in public company’s overseas emergence, start-ups, human resource development, training operations, etc. By not acting as a volunteer, but rather by focusing on the two goals of successful business management and solving of local societal problems, it realizes a sustainable society.
In this film, we focused the spotlight on 4 individual operations, the ODA operations in Bangladesh, the “Social Business Contest” aimed at the “Global Human Resources Cultivation Program” and “Social Enterprise Startup Entrepreneurs” in Laos, and the “Overseas Expansion Support” of public corporations in Cambodia.
By siding together with the local community and supporting the solving of societal issues, we visualized in film how the operations of IC Net supported those determined on making a difference, as well as how the support granted hope and dreams to many people and connected them and the nations affected, to a better world.

In charge of: Planning | Film | PR
Genre: Branding | Local | Developing Country | Children | Education | Farming | Fishing | Food | Animal | Nature | Cultural Exchange
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Haor, Bangladesh
Founding of the country 1971 Major Cities Dhaka(8.9 million people) / Chittagong(2.59 million people)
Official Name People’s Republic of Bangladesh(Known as Bangladesh) Major Languages Bengali(Official language) and other English
Area 149,000㎢(0.39 times that of Japan) People Bengali, Chakma etc.
Population 165.5 million people(Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics) Religion Islam etc.
Capital Dhaka(8.9 million people) Currency 1 Taka = 1.25 JPY / 1 dollar = 84.52 Taka
Political system Republic Industrial distribution Service industry 53.1%, Industry / Construction industry 31.5%, Agriculture, forestry and fisheries 15.4%
Pakse, Laos
Founding of the country 1949 Major Cities Luang Prabang(6.8 million people) / Savannakhet(126,000 people)
Official Name Lao People’s Democratic Republic(Known as Laos) Major Languages Lao(Official language) and other
Area 238,000㎢(0.63 times that of Japan) People Lao etc.
Population 6.49 million people(Laos Bureau of Statistics) Religion Buddhism etc.
Capital Vientiane(907,000 people) Currency 1 Kip = 0.011 JPY / 1 dollar = 9241.46 Kip
Political system People’s democracy republic Industrial distribution Service industry 42%, Industrial 29%, Agriculture 17%
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Founding of the country 1953 Major Cities Sihanoukville(156,000 people) / Battambang(150,000 people)
Official Name Kingdom of Cambodia(Known as Cambodia) Major Languages Cambodian(Official language) and other
Area 181,000 ㎢(0.5 times that of Japan) People Cambodian, etc.
Population 16.2 million people(World Bank) Religion Buddhism etc.
Capital Phnom Penh(1.95 million people) Currency 1 Riel = 0.026 JPY / 1 dollar = 4111.27 Riel
Political system Constitutional monarchy Industrial distribution Service industry 42.3%, Industrial 32.7%, Agriculture 25%
Tokyo, Japan
Place in the Kanto region of Japan
Area 2,194㎢
Population 9.27 million people
Project Information
Title: IC Net Limited
Client: IC Net Limited
The team aims for solving social issues from a business standpoint, with various approaches combined including ODA operations in underdeveloped nations, overseas expansion of Japanese corporations, human and entrepreneur resource development, etc. With ODA operations they make use of their various expertise and engage in projects aimed at solving problems in developing nations. In overseas expansion support, they use their strength of plentiful knowledge regarding local circumstances, and conduct overseas operational expansion support of private companies from Asia to Africa.
Location: Dhaka / Hanoi,Bangladesh
Pakse, Laos
Tokyo, Japan
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Period: 2018.07
Producer: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Director + Cam
+ Edit:
Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)