The world changes, starting with the education of the children.

This is a documentary shoot closely following the opening ceremony of Doooooooo School and the opportunity chances it created of employment. NPO corporation Doooooooo, in addition to creating a school and encouraging learning opportunities, is actively participating in creating employment for women and the disabled through managing its own in-house sewing factory and vocational training facilities.
In the village of Abuichita, Ghana, originally there was the reality of around 260 children not having access to the opportunities of education. There, to expand on the children’s dreams and to support and encourage the changes they make in their futures, a school was created with help from the local residents. In these visuals, we closely followed the opening ceremony of the Doooooooo School as well as the personal lives of the individuals who work at the sewing factory and vocational training facilities that Doooooooo supports.

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Genre: Branding | NPO・NGO | Local | Developing Country | Children | Education | Event
Accra, Ghana
Kumasi, Ghana
Lake Volta, Ghana
Founding of the country 1957 Major Cities Accra(1.59 million people) / Kumasi(1.73 million people)
Official Name Republic of Ghana(Known as Ghana) Major Languages English(Official language) and other
Area 239,000㎢(0.67 times that of Japan) People Akan, Ga, etc.
Population 29.7 million people(World Bank) Religion Christianity, Islam etc.
Capital Accra(1.59 million people) Currency 1 Ghanaian cedi(GHS)= 18.21 JPY / 1 dollar = 5.81 Ghanaian cedi
Political system Republic Industrial distribution Agriculture(Cocoa beans)、Mining(Precious metal, Non-ferrous metal, Oil)
Project Information
Title: Doooooooo
Client: Doooooooo
In Ghana and Kenya, the team conducts employment support for women and individuals with disabilities by constructing and managing a school.
Location: Accra / Kumasi / Lake Volta, Ghana
Period: 2019.02
Producer: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Director + Cam
+ Edit:
Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)