From 2020 and beyond.

These are the documentary visuals for “Social Impact for 2020 and Beyond Strategy Meeting”, run by NPO Corporation ETIC.
How will we envision, encompass, and create a new future with and beyond 2020, which is widely said to be the “turning point of the era”?
With social entrepreneurs, business owners, athletes, those involved in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, as well as those attempting to achieve the SDGs participating in this meeting, it was a forum for discussing how they could utilize the milestone, which is Tokyo 2020, with their input.
In these visuals, we focused on the enthusiasm of the venue, as well as the synergy created with the combination of ideas and thoughts of each and every participant.

In charge of: Planning | Film
Genre: Event | NPO・NGO
Tokyo, Japan
Place in the Kanto region of Japan
Area 2,194㎢
Population 9.27 million people
Project Information
Title: Social Impact for 2020 and Beyond Strategy Meeting
Client: ETIC.
Creating a cycle where “Creators” consistently increase, and “Influence” is born.
The team, by cooperating with various sectors, provides opportunities such as hands-on internships, entrepreneurship support programs, communities that connect with senior entrepreneurs and business partners, and information distribution about careers.
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Period: 2019.05
Producer: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Director: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Yurika Nakazawa (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Cam + Edit: Yurika Nakazawa (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)