WORLD KIDS FESTIVAL 2019 in NepalNepal


With the stage set at Nepal’s Kathmandu, we held a festival where the children of inner cities, mountainous regions, and poverty areas, where all children could become closer to the world around them. Expanding viewpoints, potentials, and choices in their minds, we wished for them to be encountered with the new world and their potential standing right in front of them. By collaborating with the local JOCV, NPO, corporations, schools, and locals, it was a day where the appeal and beauty of not only Kathmandu, but the beauty of the world and the shine of the children’s smile shone through.

In charge of: Sponsor | Planning | Produce | Direction | Space | Organize | Film | Music | Design
Genre: FESTIVAL | NPO・NGO | Local | Developing Country | Children | Education | Family | Event | Tech | Animation | Music | Cultural Exchange
Kathmandu, Nepal
Founding of the country 1768 Major Cities Kathmandu(1 million people) / Pokhara(426,000 people)
Official Name Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal(Known as Nepal) Major Languages Nepali(Official language) etc.
Area 148,000㎢(0.39 times that of Japan) People Parbate Hindu, Magars etc.
Population 28.7 million people(Asian Development Bank) Religion Hinduism, Buddhism etc.
Capital Kathmandu(1 million people) Currency 1 Nepalese rupee(Rs)= 0.90 JPY / 1 dollar = 116.81 Nepalese rupee
Political system Federal Democratic Republic Industrial distribution Agriculture and forestry, Trade / Wholesale business, Transportation / Communication industry
Project Information
Title: WORLD KIDS FESTIVAL 2019 in Nepal
Produced & Sponsored by: WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.
Supported by: JICA Nepal
Brihaspati Vidyasadan
Kids of Kathmandu
Otaku Next
International Otaku Expo Association
Bancha Pariwar
Aikido Aikikai Association, Nepal
JCCN (Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Nepal)
Craft’s Souvenir
Women’s Skills Development Organization
Cerebral Palsy Parents Group
Cafe U
Team Kazuya
Little Flowers Public School
Tribhuvan University Bishwa Bhasha Campus
NPO Youme Nepal
Doorkel Inc.
Dot Life, Ltd.
& Organizer:
Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Shunya Awamura (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, JOCV)
Date: Friday, April 26, 2019
Saturday, April 27, 2019
Place: Brihaspati Vidyasadan, Kathmandu, Nepal
Participant: About 1000 people
What: ローカル × 世界の魅力!
Who: ネパールの子どもたち
Aim: ネパールの子どもたちに対し、通常の学校教育では取り上げる機会が少ないコンテンツを通して、子どもたちの視野、発想、世界観を広げ、世界と身近になれる機会、将来の選択肢の幅を広げるきっかけを提供し、「世の中から“関係ない”をなくす」の実現を目指す。
Contents: 1. Musical Instrument Experience / Music Session Booth
2. Music session and performance
3. Wa-daiko performance
4. WORLD FESTIVAL Photo & Film exhibition booth -Everyday life in the world
5. “You are the bridge of the world” Project
6. Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Exhibition
7. Skeletal specimen Exhibition
8. Marble art
9. VR Journey to Wonder Nepal
10. Spray Art Experience
11. IMAGINATION LIVE PAINT – Draw your imagination on a big canvas!
12. Idea Paint Booth
13. Drawing Workshop
14. Let’s make egg candles
15. Let’s make a world literature map
16. Welcome to WKF tree
17. Manga Workshop
18. Wishes Tree – Write&Hang your wishes on the tree
19. Crafts
20. World’s Play Ground
21. Extreme gymnastics experience
22. Make-up with Hologram, Seal, Paint “Discover new self”
23. Henna Tattoo “with motif of heart, star, etc..”
24. Original Hair-extension Handicraft with strings and rubber
25. Traditional “Budo” performance (Judo)
26. Traditional “Budo” performance (Iaido)
27. Traditional “Budo” performance (Aikido)
28. Traditional dance performance
29. Extreme gymnastics performance
30. Who am I? Guess the animals from the sounds they make!
31. How to make a pinned specimen of a stag beetle
32. Rokta paper notebook, Picture book, Paint
33. Hemp Bag、Goods & Accessories
34. Natural Grass Bloom
35. Bag, Clothes
36. Panipuri
37. Japanese foods
38. Okonomiyaki
39. Cafeteria
40. Poggimo – Solar × WIFI
Film Producer & Director: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Camera: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Edit: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Yurika Nakazawa (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Note: ネパールでは、都市部と地方での教育格差や学校教育そのものにも課題が残ります。例えば、学校での授業は、進学や試験に直結しないからという理由で、音楽、体育、美術などの情操教育もほとんど行われておらず、子供達自身が世界の様々なものに触れ、主体的に考え、感じ、学び得る機会が十分ではありません。
コンセプトは 「ローカル × 世界の魅力!」 自分達の身の回りの当たり前のことと、世界中のアイディアや魅力が、「実は繋がっているんだ」「かけ合わさることで、こんなにも可能性が広がるんだ」と知ることができたら、きっと遠い場所のよく分からないものが、自分達の身近なもので関わりのあるものだと感じられると考えています。また、世界に目を向けた時に、改めてネパールが持つ伝統・文化・土地の魅力や、自分たちが日常から触れているもの、元々持っているものの尊さや魅力、可能性に気づくきっかけにもなると考えました。 イベント当日は、日本の協力者や青年海外協力隊、現地学生や協力者による様々なコンテンツが出展され、アートや音楽、創作、展示、スポーツなどの分野を中心に40のコンテンツを子供達と共に作り上げました。カトマンズ周辺から数百キロ離れた場所も含め、当日は15校・来場生徒数は1000人を超えました。