At France’s international interaction camp “Copain du Monde (The world’s fellowship)” we conducted a project of assembling a PHOTO&DESIGN BOOK with all those involved.


With the children’s international interaction camp “Copain du Monde (The world’s fellowship)”, hosted every summer by the humanitarian assistance NGO “Secours Populaire Francais (Bonding of Citizens France)”, headquartered in Paris, France, we lead three Japanese children and conducted a project of assembling a PHOTO&DESIGN BOOK with all those involved.


“Copain du Monde (The world’s fellowship)” is a international interaction camp with 25 years of history this year, and every year children of various nationalities gather to each camp. During their stay, they truly interact with others through workshops and games. However, in the current state, there was a lack of connection with the children they interacted with, and limited ways they could share their experiences with others once they returned to their home countries.


There, within the environment as lively as a festival, constructing products and environments, displaying their own talents and likes, WORLD FESTIVAL planned and managed a deeper bond-making project.


On the day of the program, we provided many contents such as “Music session booths”, “Recording simulators”, “Booths where children could take pictures freely with a digital/Single-lens reflex camera”, “Remaking old clothes”, “Fashion snapshots”, “Pasted picture arts”, where each and every child could freely experience what they liked. And, on the final day, we conducted a gallery display and fashion shows of what the children had created.


By seeing, feeling, accomplishing, and laughing together with the children of the world, this experience will no doubt be a priceless treasure. With this, we feel that this will likely expand their views, choices in life, and potential. And by crossing borders such as nationality, religion, culture, life, nature, we feel they will become to accept and support each other in the coming future.


In the works born out of this experience, we plan to consolidate in a PHOTO&DESIGN BOOK and project it to various people around the globe.

And with this project, we received assistance from the internet media corporation “another life.”, aimed with the concept “Just one day, in somebody else’s shoes”, reporting articles on various lifestyles, who assisted us in interviewing local NGO staff and leaders of each country who participated. For details regarding the interview, on top of another life., we will newly commence a collaboration with another life. × WORLD FESTIVAL, and distribute visuals, photos, project articles, lifestyle interviews.


PHOTO&DESIGN BOOK details and reports of the interviews we conducted will be distributed on our homepage and Facebook page, so please stay excited!


Secours Populaire Francais (Bonding of Citizens France): https://www.secourspopulaire.fr/

another life.: https://an-life.jp/