The “Project to support the Rohingya refugees through supporting host communities”, headed by IC Net Ltd., which we our company is a project member of, has started.



During February to March this year, IC Net Ltd. has made a challenge to crowdfund this project, and received much support and help.
WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. is participating as a project member.

IC Net Ltd. discovered that a massive number of Rohingya people had fled to Bangladesh, and conducted a field survey with specialists as to now. Many organizations and institutes have provided support for the Rohingya refugees, but the deteriorating living conditions of the Bangladesh people and communities who accept and host the refugees has rarely come to light.
There, by distributing the many goats that live in Bangladesh to the communities, having them raise them, and then by the eventual increase in goats and handing them to others, IC Net Ltd. has started a “Goat Bank”, in where the circle of support widens with the project.

WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. will head the planning and visuals of this project.
The visuals will be aired at the reporting session after the project has concluded, and we are scheduled for an online release as well.

The completed product is also scheduled to be posted on our Project Page.

Crowdfunding -READY FOR
“Improve the lives of the Bangladesh women who support Rohingya refugees!”: https://readyfor.jp/projects/rohingya-host-community