Our representative and president, Mr. Kondo’s interview article has been published on YAMAHA’s global website.


An interview article was posted within the “Guitar & Basses” page of YAMAHA’s global site.

The article details on Mr. Kondo’s life experiences up until now, the spark in him which led to tying together societal issues and entertainment,
activities conducted through WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. up until now, and future plans.

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(Below, a statement from our representative Yuki Kondo.)

Recently I think, “Yeah, music is great!”, and about the power and potential of music. I am constantly inspired by the depth of music on many occasions. From a young age I always had music in my life, and now I fully realize how great it was to have music as a pivotal aspect in my life.
Recalling, through music my world expanded greatly, and I learned to persevere through practicing instruments, and by achieving something through coordination and cooperation, I learnt how to create what I thought was a masterpiece.
This was brought about especially because of growing up overseas in a country with a different culture and race.
What I learnt from that as a young boy, was something so precious and priceless.
Recently I get involved with projects interacting with elementary school kids overseas and creating music, but with just instruments, just songs, I feel bliss with the feeling environment, and time, and feel at ease day by day.
And something I feel every time a project or an opportunity like this arises, is the infinite talents and the great taste shining throughout the children, and the power of music that bring these qualities out. I honestly am astonished by the power of music.

My daughter, who is three-months old, immediately smiles and laughs when listening to music and songs. Recently, she is singing the theme to “My neighbour totoro”.
Please take a look at the article describing such music, if you like!