WORLD KIDS LAB FESTIVAL 2016 in JordanJordan

A festival project held in Jordan for the local children, in the concept of “Expand children’s possibilities, choices, and vision by connecting with the wider world.” Approx. 300 children who are refugees from Palestine, Iraq, and Syria, has participated and had opportunities to experience interesting contents from all over the world, and send their imaginations and messages to the world. Collaboration with local NGO, university, educational institution, JICA, enterprises was carried out.

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Amman, Jordan
Founding of the country 1921 Major Cities Amman(4 million people) / Zarqa(1.36 million people)
Official Name Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan(Known as Jordan) Major Languages Arabic and other English
Area 89,000㎢(0.25 times that of Japan) People Arab etc.
Population 9.95 million people(World Bank) Religion Islam etc.
Capital Amman(4 million people) Currency 1 Jordanian dinar(JOD)= 149.62 JPY / 1 dollar = 0.71 Jordanian dinar
Political system Constitutional (hereditary) monarchy Industrial distribution Manufacturing industry, Transportation / Communications industry, Financial industry
Project Information
Title: WORLD KIDS LAB FESTIVAL 2016 in Jordan
Produced & Sponsored by: WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.
JICA (JOCV – Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers)
NGO East Amman Charity for Development
dot life, ltd. (another life)
Cooperation: University of Jordan Japanese Class Students
Makani Centre Students
Main Producer
& Organizer:
Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Takuto Hashimoto (JOCV Jordan – Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers)
Courtesy by: SWITCH SCIENCE, Inc.
(Makey Makey Delux Kit)
Date: 2016/08/10
Place: Makani Centre, Amman, Jordan
Participant: Approx. 300
A festival held in Jordan for kids of Syrian refugee,Iraqi refugee and Palestinian refugee, discovering their possibilities and talents,by introducing and experience the world of new interesting contents and cultures.
Who: Makani Centre Students, who do not have certain opportunity of learning art, creativity, physical education, and meeting foreigners. (3 to 24 yrs old – Mostly refugees from Palestine, Iraq, and Syria)
Aim: To open up the childrenʼs possibilities of wide perspectives, and to realize the importance of world relations through experiencing the new contents from the world, and communicating with foreigners about their different cultures.
Contents: 1. Music Stage (Anyone can play! Sing!)
2. Live Paint (Anyone can draw anything you like!)
3. Creative Lab (Craftwork with Japanese staffs / Origami / Original Accessaries / Boon Boon spinning top etc.)
4. Makey Makey (Circuit Board that everyone can connect anything that has potential to conduct electricity.)
5. Wishes Tree Monument (Write & hook your “wish” on the monument)
6. What I love (Write, draw, stick, construct your expression of “What I Love”)
7. Think Our Earth (Recycle Crafts / Lemon Electricity & Generator)
8. Photo&Video Making Workshop (Teacher: )
9. Photo Session (another life. × WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
10. WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. Gallery (An exhibition of photos taken around the world by WORLD FESTIVAL Inc., up until now.)
11. Japanese culture experience (Calligraphy /Japanese harp Koto / Japanese chopstick game / Soran Bushi Dance)
…and more
Lastly: In this festival, we were able to implement under the cooperation of various organizations and local students.
On preparing for the day before the event, the children who attended Makani Center also actively helped.There are many children with complex backgrounds in Jordan. They are also having difficulties to obtain many opportunities. However, by experiencing the importance of connection with the world by touching diverse values, it may lead to solving various problems in the world.
I hope that a lot of “connections” born here will help open up the options and possibilities of children’s lives.
Switch Science is on a mission to make creations with electronics accessible and easy-to-handle for average people. They provide electronics items : not only designing and manufacturing in-house, but also procuring from domestic and overseas companies and selling to the world. *Donation -Educational kit“Makey Makey Deluxe Kit”
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A piece where the “thoughts” and “favorite things” of the children of Palestine/Iraq/Syrian refugees are expressed. By broadcasting their facial expressions, voices, music, dancing and creativity to the world, we hoped in making it that it would be the “opportunity” for people around the world to feel closer to one another.