WORLD KIDS FESTIVAL 2017 in FranceFrance

Headquartered in Paris, France the humanitarian assistance NGO “Secours Populaire Francais (French Popular Relief)” every year hosts a international interaction camp “Copain du Monde (The world’s fellowship)” across the entire nation of France. Here, with chaperoning 3 Japanese children, we hosted WORLD KIDS LAB FESTIVAL 2017 in France. A project where children of various nationalities play with content such as music, photography, art, fashion, etc., with a fashion show conducted, we built together with the children into a festival.

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Remiremont, France
Founding of the country 463 Major Cities Paris(2.18 million people) / Marseille(860,000 people)
Official Name French Republic(Known as France) Major Languages French
Area 544,000㎢(1.8 times that of Japan) People Celts, Germanic people(Frank, Norman) etc.
Population About 67 million people Religion Catholic, Islam, Protestant, Judaism etc.
Capital Paris(2.18 million people) Currency Euro
Political system Republic Industrial distribution Car, Chemistry, Machine, Food, Fiber, Aviation, Nuclear power etc.
Project Information
Title: WORLD KIDS FESTIVAL 2017 in France
Cooperation: Secours Populaire Français(SPF)
Specified non-profit organization “Bond of citizens Japan”
Dot Life, Ltd.(another life)
Date: From July 17th (Mon) to 28th(Fri), 2017
Place: Centres EEDF Les Tronches & Etueffont
Participant: About 60 people
What: At the “Copain du Monde” 2017 of the international interaction camp organized by the French NGO organization “Scours Populaire Francais (French Popular Relief)”, to create together music, art, fashion across borders and nationalities, WORLD KIDS FESTIVAL 2017 in France was hosted.
Who: Children of various nations participating in the “Copain du Monde 2017 in France”
Aim: With a fun atmosphere as though a festival, together creating things or a dimension, displaying one’s talents or favorite things, this was implemented with the aim of by interactions within the deeper depths of one another, and get the children themselves to feel the importance of a wide perspective of values and find their potential and connection to the world.
Contents: 1. Music session booth
2. Experiencing recording
3. A booth set up for children to take photos freely with a digital camera/SLR
4. Re-purposing used clothing
5. Fashion snapshots
6. Pasting art
7. Gallery display
8. Fashion show
Note: “Copain du Monde (The world’s fellowship)” is celebrating their 25th year of history this year, and every year children from various parts of the world gather in specific camps throughout France. During their stay in the camp through various workshops and games, the children deepen their interaction with one another. However, the children who participated in the camp, upon returning home, felt less attached to the others they met during the camp, and their experiences were not being broadcasted to more people. To combat this, by creating things and dimensions together, and displaying one’s talents and/or favorite things, WORLD FESTIVAL planned and operated a project where interaction could be made in the inner depths of the children.
On the day of the program, by providing various content such as music session booths, recording experiences, booths set up for children to take photos freely by digital cameras and SLRs, re-purposing used clothing, fashion snapshots, pasting artworks, etc., each and every child was able to freely enjoy and take challenge in what they liked. And on the last day of the camp, we organized a gallery display of what the children created, photos they took, and a fashion show.
The experience of seeing, feeling, completing, and laughing together with people of the world is an irreplaceable treasure. This experience in no doubt will expand their views, choices in their futures, and their potential. We feel that it will connect to a future where regardless of nations, religion, culture, life , nature, overcoming all borders, they will accept one another and support others.
The world is connected! CH

On this project, with the concept “Just one day, in another person’s shoes”, we were accompanied by the internet media project “another life”, an organization which produces articles and interviews of various people and their lives. We conducted interviews of 4 individuals, comprising of local NGO staff members and various chaperones. We have posted the articles on “The world is connected! CH powered by WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.”. Please feel free to take a look.