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Supporting one another, the struggles, and the future envisioned.

With Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh as the center stage, this project broadcasts the current state of the hosting communities accepting the Rohingya refugees, and the support invested into their everyday lives.

The refugee camp is situated closely to the residential area of the Bangladesh locals, and part of the Rohingya refugees live together with the Bangladesh locals. It has led to the situation where there are more refugees than Bangladesh locals. Due to this nature, the hosting Bangladesh residents have, in cases, been stripped of their fields and/or work, encountered severe inflation in prices of goods, have been exposed to infectious diseases and lack of hygiene, and experienced deterioration in public safety. Many effects have been felt.
Upon this, aimed at enriching the lives of the hosting communities, IC Net Ltd., a corporation involved in solving the world’s many societal issues, started a new support project. This project, called the “Goat Bank”, involves distributing goats, which there are many of in Bangladesh, to hosting communities and having them raise them, and once the goats increase in number pass on the goats to another individual, expanding the support circle. WORLD FESTIVAL Inc., as a project member has progressed together with the project from the initial crowdfunding, conducted interviews with the hosting communities and Rohingya refugees, and of course captured each and every one’s thoughts and emotions, their attractions and potential, as well as the current situation they have been placed in.

From each viewpoint to another, there is always something and the ones we need to protect. In such a condition, there are those who seek to come together despite struggles with uncertainty and fear. Those who wish to over come the despair. From the voices of each individual, we hope these visuals will invigorate people to stop and think about the current state of the Rohingya refugees, and the meaning of holding one another’s hand to live towards a better future.

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Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
Founding of the country 1971 Major Cities Dhaka(8.9 million people) / Chittagong(2.59 million people)
Official Name People’s Republic of Bangladesh(Known as Bangladesh) Major Languages Bengali(Official language) and other English
Area 149,000㎢(0.39 times that of Japan) People Bengali, Chakma etc.
Population 165.5 million people(Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics) Religion Islam etc.
Capital Dhaka(8.9 million people) Currency 1 Taka = 1.25 JPY / 1 dollar = 84.52 Taka
Political system Republic Industrial distribution Service industry 53.1%, Industry / Construction industry 31.5%, Agriculture, forestry and fisheries 15.4%
Project Information
Title: We want to improve the daily lives of the Bangladesh women supporting the Rohingya refugees!
Client: IC Net Limited
The team aims for solving social issues from a business standpoint, with various approaches combined including ODA operations in underdeveloped nations, overseas expansion of Japanese corporations, human and entrepreneur resource development, etc. With ODA operations they make use of their various expertise and engage in projects aimed at solving problems in developing nations. In overseas expansion support, they use their strength of plentiful knowledge regarding local circumstances, and conduct overseas operational expansion support of private companies from Asia to Africa.
Location: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
Period: 2019.08
Project Producer: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
A. Producer: Yurika Nakazawa (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Film Producer: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Director + Cam
+ Edit:
Yurika Nakazawa (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)