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Carrying on the precious lives

These are the crowdfunding visuals for the creation of “Hagachizaki Monkey Bay”, a theme park resurrected in Hagachizaki, South-Izu where visitors can interact with wild Japanese monkeys, of which 300 are cared for. It was built after the dilapidation and closure of “Saru-no-Rakuen”.
Opened back in 1957, due to the lack of visitors, renewals and maintenance of the facilities was not possible, leading to a shutdown of the park after dilapidation took its course. However, the monkeys, who had lied together with humans for the most part of their lives, faced the prospect of starvation as the closure would mean they would have no access to food. There, to protect the lives of the 300 wild monkeys, and the recreation of the park as Hagachizaki Monkey Bay, a crowdfunding project was started to raise funds for continuation of services. WORLD FESTIVAL, to broadcast the protection of irreplaceable lives together, as well as the importance of enduring life together, headed the visual aspect of production.

In charge of: Planning | Film
Genre: Branding | Local | Tourism | Animal | Architect
Kamogun, Shizuoka, Japan
Place in the southern part of the Izu Peninsula
Area 479.17㎢
Population 4.12 million people
Project Information
Title: Save the 300 Japanese macaques! South-Izu Hagachizaki Monkey Bay Creation Project!
Client: Hagachizaki Monkey Bay
Save the 300 Japanese macaques! South-Izu Hagachizaki Monkey Bay Creation Project! A tourist location in Kamo Gun Kawazu town, Shizuoka prefecture, this location houses wild Japanese macaques, run by Rep JAPAN, which manages the “Experience-based zoo iZoo”. Visitors can view the wild monkeys close up, and interact with them with feeding experiences.

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Location: Kamo Gun, Shizuoka, Japan
Period: 2020.01
Producer: Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Director + Cam
+ Edit:
Yuki Kondo (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)
Assistant: Shunsuke Noguchi (WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.)