To Discover
“How Wonderful”
the World is.

If we were to realize that no matter how far away, no matter how small the situation is,
that it is connected to us, and that we are supporting each other through these events, the world can become a much closer, and dedicated place.
In the world, each and every existence is a precious, sacred and powerful thing.

If the children living these current times could respect and accept each other,
in a society where they could carry this responsibility, the potential and hope would no doubt, greatly expand.

We believe that all of those aspects can evolve into the solution of the current various international, political issues and conflicts.
We believe that the power of entertainment’s “fun” can connect these pieces.

This world is filled with hope and radiance.
To be an existence which can bridge and connect this world.
And to discover and illustrate “How Wonderful” the world, and everybody is.
That is our dream at “WORLD FESTIVAL”.