In a collaboration with WORLD FESTIVAL and the 6-graders of Tokyo North District’s Fukuro Elementary School, WORLD FESTIVAL LABEL has released the song “With You / Beyond”, with thoughts aimed at the children and youth of Nepal and Jordan!



From 2019 through to 2020, WORLD FESTIVAL collaborated with Japan’s Tokyo North District Fukuro Elementary School, utilizing the comprehensive study time with 70 6-graders through 1 year, targeted with the theme to “eradicate the feelings of “unrelated” from this world”. We conducted a class where the children could feel the effect and actively experience interaction, building together, and the importance of connecting with each other.
As of the culmination of this project, we created a song where the emotions felt from interacting, and the messages conveyed in their own words and melodies. Using the lyrics and melody as a base, we completed a song with support from the children, WORLD FESTIVAL, and outside creators. Through WORLD FESTIVAL LABEL, we shall sell and distribute this song to the global community.

One of the main goals of this project is to create opportunities where individuals can actively connect with society and the world, and with various people around the world. The children were also actively involved in the sales pitches and promotional ideas. Other than the song, on the release page, the music video which is comprised of many visuals the children filmed, the CD cover which features a collage of the children’s drawings and content of the song, and the lyrics can be viewed.

Also, the behind-the-scenes story article of this project can also be viewed! For the content that cannot be conveyed by just song and visuals, we have penned an article, which we hope will be read by many. Please take a look.

”With You / Beyond”

Release Page: https://worldfestivalinc.com/label/fukurosho/

Story Page: https://worldfestivalinc.com/stories/fukurosho/